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The Saddest Call

The Saddest Call:
At times I receive a call from a family member whose loved one is in a Rehabilitation Hospital. The loved one had fallen and broken their hip several months earlier. They will soon be released from the hospital and it is necessary that several home modifications are needed so they can return home. Of course I am happy to provide my services so the modifications can be made. I always ask myself:
“if only they had called earlier to make the modifications, possibly the fall could have been prevented from occurring”.
It is unfortunate that often people are reactive rather than proactive. The pain and suffering from a fall can be over whelming. The physical therapy required after surgery is often very painful and can last for months. The cost and expense can also over whelm family members. Depending on your particular insurance plan you have typically the co-pay is more than $7,000. On average, this is the cost to make the home modifications.
Of more importance is the happiness people experience of being able to stay in their own home. No one wants to go to a facility. There are many studies that demonstrate this. Also, the ability to live independently is priceless.

With more than 20 years of experience, AHS offers a broad range of expertise for diverse solutions to difficult problems. Our goal is to help you remain in the comfort of your own home longer, safer and maintain your independence to Age In Place. Our considerable experience in both the development and rehabilitation of Senior Housing properties demonstrates a proven track record and commitment to senior living.

If you have further questions, please contact me at (949) 285-6034. Or you can visit our web site at Also we can be reached thru email at I look forward to meeting you.

Lawrence Herman

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